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Beautiful exterior spaces

featuring a pristine front yard, elegant patios, furnished backyards, flower gardens, manicured grounds, cooling fans, sitting areas in the shade, and protection from rainy weather.

Fire prevention system

The communities are fully equipped with sprinklers and fire extinguishers strategically located in accessible areas, also the staff is fully trained to follow an evacuation and safety protocol in case of a fire.

Manicure, pedicure, hair styling, etc.

Esthetic services are offered by request of the resident.

Cable television throughout the facility.

Watching Television is a major form of entertainment for many of our residents, we make sure that they have access to cable TV in several areas of the facility..

Bathrooms safely equipped (anti-slip grab bars)

Within each bathroom, safety measures have been put in place to protect the residents. Each bathroom has a shower-tub combo, tub seat, lift lever and grab bars, and grab bars in the washroom.

Personal refrigerators (upon request)

Residents may request a personal refrigerator. This way, they can keep their food and drinks, which they have purchased themselves, in a safe environment.

Available Wifi throughout the facility.

Residents are given access to the Internet. They may use their personal device in the common areas or their bedroom.

Local newspaper subscription (upon request).

Villa Serena Group has subscriptions to the following newspapers The Miami Herald, The Miami News, The Miami Times, or The Sun-Sentinel.

Ramps for accessibility strategically placed around the facility.

Some ramps lead into the building to allow for the mobility of the residents. We also have ramps that lead into the garden areas for the enjoyment of the residents.

Resident identification bracelets.

Every Resident is given an identification bracelet, which informs who they are and where they live. We use this as a safety precaution.

Emergency power generator.

In an emergency, we have a generator that allows us to continue operations.

Emergency Plan approved by the Office of Emergency Management.

Our facility has an emergency plan that is updated annually. This is in place in case of an emergency such as a hurricane evacuation.

Live entertainment for special events or holidays

We offer live entertainment at the Villa Serena. We have live music, karaoke nights, talent shows, dance parties, open mic performances, and more.

Sound monitors

Local parks

Local Convenience Store

Nearby hospitals.

Nearby shopping centers

Snack station for residents

A snack station for residents and guests is available on the premises.

Miami Airport within 15 miles

Lodging within 15 miles