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Trained Staff Assistance

Our trained staff can provide a variety of services to our residents and families. It includes assistance with the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of our residents.

Medical Appointment Assistance

Villa Serena provides medical appointments for our residents. We maintain a schedule of appointments to accommodate the needs of many of our residents, including coordinating and facilitating transportation (departure and return)

Community Maintenance Team

Our maintenance team is an expert in the care and upkeep of our grounds. It ensures that plants, trees, and shrubs are well cared for, and lawns are mowed regularly throughout the year.

A Variety Of Daily Activities

Our staff is committed to providing a healthy lifestyle to our residents that allows them to enjoy various activities, including assisting residents with the following; gardening, reading, dining, games, crafting projects, music lessons, and more. These activities promote mental stimulation, social interaction, and physical health.

Dieticians Approved Homemade Meals

Villa Serena is devoted to serving a healthy lifestyle, and the homemade meals served to our residents reflect that commitment. Our meals are prepared in a variety of ways with consideration to the preference of our residents.

Shopping Services

Our professional staff is committed to assisting our residents in shopping for groceries and other items. Our staff members are trained to assist our residents in purchasing necessary items to provide a healthy lifestyle.

Laundry Service

Villa Serena provides a laundry service for our residents. We offer a complete service with options for individuals needing a variety of services, including traditional folding, oversized loads, and express wash.


The professional staff at Villa Serena is committed to providing our residents with a clean, comfortable environment. Our housekeeping services are conducted to offer the best care for our residents and their belongings.

Personalized Care Coordination

We will work with you and your loved one to determine individual needs and establish goals. Our professionals will work together to provide the level of assistance required for long-term care and living.

Room Services For Residents And Guests

Room services to our residents and guest consists of daily cleaning of common areas such as hallways, bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and shared living rooms.

Routine Visits From Healthcare Professionals

Villa Serena provides a schedule of doctor and nurse visits scheduled by our staff for our residents. It provides the necessary resources for assessing and managing health conditions. In addition, our healthcare professionals such as primary doctors, pediatrist, eye doctors, physical therapists, and more can provide routine visits, assessments, and treatment.

A Proactive Safety Initiative Throughout The Facility

Villa Serena is committed to ensuring that our residents are safe in their living environment. We value the safety of our residents and team members alike. Our proactive safety initiative is a program that's conducted to ensure the safety of our residents and team members.

Celebration Of Special Days And Occasions

We celebrate special days and occasions for all our residents. It includes birthday celebrations, holiday events, and family gatherings. We value the importance of touch, which is often missing from day-to-day life. Our staff will create memorable experiences and make it a priority to celebrate special occasions for our residents.

Convenient Communication Initiative

Villa Serena's communication system allows our residents and their families to communicate in various ways. Our system utilizes the WhatsApp platform, which helps individuals and family members share in multiple ways.

Tasty Desserts

Villa Serena offers delicious desserts to our residents regularly. Our caregivers will prepare deserts weekly and serve them to our residents. It is a special treat that can be missed when living alone at home.